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Meet ourteam.

We value long-term relationships, accountability and being consistent in word and deed. Founded in 2018 by Federica Zanca, Palindromo Consulting brings together a multidisciplinary team of experienced clinical medical physicist and regulatory experts. We have worked in academic, industry start-up and large corporations.



PhD, Master in Physics

Federica Zanca received her master-after-master in Medical Radiation Physics (2005) and a PhD in Biomedical Science at the Faculty of Medicine of the KU Leuven in Belgium (2009). For the past 22 years, she has been conducting clinical research in medical imaging in both hospital (UZ Leuven, Belgium), academic (Professor at Imaging and Pathology Department of KU Leuven) and industrial settings (in Healthcare large corporations). As Director and Chief Scientist in industry, she learned how to develop a product from road-map definition to CE/FDA marking and to deliver clinical projects at hospital side for technology assessment.

She can speak the language of radiologists, cardiologists, surgeons and understand their needs about medical imaging device utilization and optimization. She has more than 20 years of experience as reviewer of project proposals for research activities in the domain of medical imaging and innovation technology for the EC and the FWO, which allows her to be on top of the latest trends in medical imaging and healthcare and to be well trained in grant applications. As personal style, she prefers a “big-picture“ orientation, supported by logic, and she has a drive for tangible accomplishment. She speaks Italian, French, Dutch and English.

Ruth Beckers


Master of Business Economics

Ruth Beckers started her career in the healthcare sector as an investment analyst, where she realized the importance of, and gained interest in Quality and Regulatory affairs during Due Diligence phases. Later, she worked in a MedTech company, where she implemented from scratch the Quality Management System (QMS) according to ISO 13485 and successfully guided the company towards its certification. She led the new product introductions (from R&D over production to putting on the market), thereby obtaining regulatory approval for the company’s different medical devices.

Since 2015, she works as senior consultant and serves both start-ups and medium to large companies active in the field of (in-vitro diagnostic) medical devices. The expertise provided varies from setting up QMS, supporting regulatory file submissions, acting as QA/RA representative and performing audits. Since 2017, Ruth also serves as Coordinator of MedTech Flanders, the network organization of Medical Device companies in Flanders



PhD, Master of Biomedical Science

After obtaining his PhD in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Antwerp, Dimitri Roose started at GE Healthcare as a MRI application specialist. He was responsible for training and follow-up of MRI customers. Quickly, Dimitri became also responsible for academic sites with MRI and/or PETMR systems. In this role, he supported, for example, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, UZ Leuven, UZ Brussels & Erasme-ULB. After 5 years he left GE and now works as a senior consultant advising hospitals and high-tech companies on MRI clinical research, technology assessment and optimization as well as training in MRI.

To use MRI or PET/MRI in your clinical research, it is important to build purposeful protocols using sequences that can provide a truthful outcome. These sequences should use the most optimal parameters to well-balance time efficiency and image quality. Dimitri can assist you with the building, fine-tuning and analyzing of your MRI & PET-MRI research as well as on MRI safety, inclusive training.